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what our customers say about

r c belt construction, inc.

“simply put, we are very pleased. the project was completed about one year ago and we continue to enjoy the expert workmanship exhibited throughout.”
- mike & karen girard

“i believe i have high standards and cliff has met those. he guarantees satisfaction and backs up his work.” - jesslyn galleazzi

“r.c. belt construction exceeded out expectations. we love our new kitchen and are looking forward to our next project with them.”
- jeff & jill stevens

“they cleaned up after themselves every day! i can't say enough good things about them; they were just terrific!” - steve engelberg & gabrielle glaser

“working with r.c. belt construction was a pleasure from the very start. cliff spent many hours with us during the planning stage discussing materials, layout, budget, resale value, and helping us chose a design that was appropriate for the time period in which our house was built.”- jeff & jill stevens

“here are some of the things cliff and his crew did for us:

  • took our architect's sketches and made them real, even finessing them and adding more space than we had anticipated.
  • paid very close attention to detail – the interface between the tile backsplash and the wood trim of the windows, for instance, the orientation of the electrical outlets, the placement of the inset lighting.
  • cast the concrete countertop offsite with such accuracy that it required only minor adjustment at installation.
  • left the work area sealed to keep dust and debris out of our living area and cleaned up the construction area before leaving every day so that we could go into the kitchen at night an during the weekends.
  • worked around our old kitchen sink so that we had use of the sink for all but one day of the project. ”
- kathleen bauer & dave peters

“cliff is extremely personable, accessible, and responsible. he always answered his phone and was able to deal with anything that came up.” - steve engelberg & gabrielle glaser

“we were so pleased with our kitchen remodel that we hired cliff to remodel our master bath and add a utility basement shower and sink.” - jesslyn galleazzi

“cliff and clint exhibited a high energy level and diligence and never sacrificed quality.”
- jeff & jill stevens

“it has been a pleasure to work with cliff and his crew. he worked with us in the design stage to listen to our ideas and show where improvements could be made, gave us regular updates on the schedule whenever the timeline changed due to unforeseen circumstances, and listened to us whenever we had questions about design elements, the way things were done or other issues and graciously answered all our questions and concerns.”
- kathleen bauer & dave peters

“cliff cares deeply about the work performed by his company and is very responsive and fair.”
- mike & karen girard

“we’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again that you and cliff and clint did a wonderful job on this project.” - bob & sandy banister

“i have read stories about how hard is to find a great contractor and feel very fortunate that we found one the very first time.” - jesslyn galleazzi

“cliff showed his wealth of knowledge about old homes, their woodwork and the care thereof.”
- mike & karen girard

“cliff pulled on his 30 plus years of experience as a cabinet builder and general contractor and helped us make decisions that we are very happy with.” - jeff & jill stevens

“in a project of this size, there are bound to be occasional follow-up items and cliff has addressed these as they arose...” - mike & karen girard

“a kitchen remodel is always an interruption to life at home, but this project was much less invasive than we had anticipated because they straightened up the work site at the end of every day and preserved the functionality of the original kitchen sink for as long as possible.

our job was completed during the projected timeline and on target with our budget. changes an additional work that we requested during construction were seamless, as r.c. belt construction was very flexible throughout.”
- jeff & jill stevens